There are several means by which spouses to a divorce action can reach finality on all pertinent issues, including the division of community property and debts, spousal maintenance, child custody, and child support. The Divorce Attorney at the Law Office of Maya Milovic, PLC will continuously assess your case and provide quality legal advice as to the most effective and cost efficient options available to you.

We understand the divorce process may seem confusing, overwhelming or even daunting. More often than not, the details of how to split up property or debts are infused with the underlying emotional conflicts. Disagreements regarding the custody of the minor children can especially overcomplicate the matter. In some situations, one spouse is more than willing to come to agreements immediately while the other spouse refuses to settle or is making unreasonable demands.

Your Divorce Attorney at the Law Office of Maya Milovic, PLC can effectively guide you throughout the process – providing sound advice, exploring the alternatives, and facilitating settlement discussions, in order to reach the most successful and financially prudent outcome in your divorce matter.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Process

ADR refers to various processes alternative to litigation. It provides the parties and their attorneys, if the parties are represented, the opportunity to meet with a neutral facilitator who will help them reach agreements on their contested issues. There are many benefits to ADR, most importantly it can save the parties stress, time, and money from expensive litigation.

This type of process allows the parties to negotiate with one another, with the help of their attorneys, rather than handing those decisions over to a judge during trial. The parties are able to address their particular needs and identify their core issues. The results can often be satisfactory to both parties allowing them to preserve their relationship as they meaningfully engage in reaching agreements that fit their individual situation.

Settlement Conference

The Maricopa County Superior Court offers a pre-trial service to family law clients known as a Settlement Conference, whereby the parties meet with a judicial officer/acting judge who assesses the strength and weaknesses of the parties’ case and attempts to help the parties reach agreements.


During the mediation process, a neutral party, the mediator, facilitates communications between the parties in a private and safe environment. The mediator’s primary role is to help the parties reach agreements cooperatively by focusing on the important issues and making informed decisions together.


Arbitration refers to a hybrid process between mediation and litigation, as a neutral third party, the arbitrator, assesses the parties’ positions and makes a final, binding decision. The process is intended to be simpler, faster and more cost effective than litigation.

Consent Decree/Rule 69 Agreement

A Consent Decree refers to the parties’ final divorce documents/orders reached by agreement of the parties, whether formally through an ADR process or informal discussions between the parties or their attorneys.

Evidentiary Hearing/Trial

An Evidentiary Hearing, commonly referred to as a trial, is conducted by the parties or their attorneys before a judicial officer who makes final decisions binding on the parties. The judicial officer listens to the parties’ testimony, other witnesses testimony, including expert testimony, and reviews all evidence offered by the parties and their experts, if any, prior to issuing a final ruling.

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