• Pull your credit report prior to consulting with an attorney
  • Disclose all assets
  • Disclose all debts
  • Disclose all monthly payments
  • Gather all creditor information, including account number and recent pay off amount
  • Gather any recent statements for debts which may not be listed on your credit report
  • File all Federal or State tax returns
  • Keep receipts for large sum cash purchases

  • Sell or transfer any assets below the fair market value
  • Take your name off a title document unless you receive a fair market value in return for your ownership interest
  • Pay back a debt owed to a family member, friend or acquaintance
  • Gift money or tangibles over $200 in value to a family member, friend or acquaintance
  • Make preference payments to any creditor
  • Charge up credit cards once you decide to file for bankruptcy
  • Purchase luxurious items on your credit card
  • Incur dischargeable debt to pay off non-dischargeable debt
  • Stop making payments on items you want to keep, e.g., home, vehicle, etc.

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